International conference “A town as a fortress. War, municipal communities and the society from the late Middle Ages till the early Modern Era (1438–1648)“

16. 4. 2018  •  publikoval(a): Jakub Smrčka  •  rubrika: Uncategorized

p65320_VInternational conference, Tábor, 26.–27. září 2018

During wars towns are victims more than anything else. At the same time they are important strategic points – fortresses. How did wars waged during the late Middle Ages and the early Modern Era influence communities in medieval towns? How were war emergencies and war events reflected in everyday, material and spiritual (religious) life of municipal communities? And what did war mean for late medieval and early modern European society? On the occasion of the siege of the town of Tábor by Albert of Austria (1438), and also by military troops during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) the Hussite Museum in Tábor and the Centre of Medieval Studies in Prague organize an international historical conference which will present the aforementioned and all related questions in a comparative view of local as well as foreign professionals.