Exhibition “The Hussites”

Discover the story of Hussitism from its birth to its second life in modern history! Get to know an important stage of the Czech history in a unique exhibition full of rare collection items, faithful replicas, interactive elements and new media. Take a look at a Hussite mug or original finds of armaments from the Hussite Wars, try on a wire shirt, touch models of Hussite weapons, test your knowledge in a series of quizzes and games. The inclusive exhibition offers a unique experience for every visitor.

The new exhibition Hussites is modern, interactive, but at the same time faithful to the museum’s mission to preserve and dignify the evidence of the life of our ancestors. Visitors can enjoy objects from the collections as well as multimedia elements bringing the Hussite past to life. The scenario is based on the concept of the original exhibition from 2010. The story of Hussitism is told in ten exhibition rooms, where we follow the development from the formation of the reform movement in the wake of Jan Hus and his followers to the second life of Hussitism in the 19th and 20th century. A separate chapter is devoted to the town of Tábor and its importance for the Hussite Revolution.

The exhibition Hussites is based on the current scientific knowledge of our older history, offering visitors knowledge in text and picture form. Rare original objects from the museum’s collections convey equally important information. Among the most important of these is the so-called Hussite mug, an authentic object connected with the existence of the Hussite community in Sezimovo Ústí before the establishment of the Hussite stronghold of Mount Tábor. It is also worth mentioning the original findings of armaments such as the barrel of a pipe, mace heads, arrowheads, etc., which complement the faithful replicas of many other fire and cold Hussite weapons.

Today’s times call for modern approaches, so the classic exhibits are complemented by digital content in multimedia kiosks and on screens. The exhibition does not forget about children or visitors with special needs. The exposition includes games, quizzes, puzzles, props, models, and we have prepared a haptic line for the visually impaired, which will guide them through the entire exposition. The topics are provided by audio guides, which will be available in several languages, including sign language. The texts for the exhibition are also translated into Czech sign language. The premises are wheelchair accessible, so wheelchair users can get in without restrictions.

The team of creators of the new exhibition is based on the awareness that Hussitism is an important part of the european and world history and its significance goes beyond the borders of the historical lands of the Czech Crown. Equally important is its symbolic role in the cultural and political formation of the modern Czech nation.

sign languageFor those interested, audio guides are available in 6 languages: English, German, Korean, Spanish, Polish and Czech, with separate Czech sign language.

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Authors and organisers of the exhibition

The creation of the exhibition Hussites was supported by the financial resources of the European Union.

Cinebonbon 2010 | director: Pavel Jurda, co-director: Lukáš Gargulák, cast: Petra Bučková, Jiří Vyorálek edit & post: Jiří Fiala

Video invitation (Nikola Monhartová, 2017)

Expozice Husité 2023 – autoři a realizace

Expozice Husité | Exhibition “the Hussites”

Husitské muzeum v Táboře | Hussite Museum in Tábor


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Slavnostní uvedení obnovené expozice Husité

21. 2. 2024 | 17:00–19:00 | Stará radnice | Tábor, Žižkovo náměstí 1

Slavnostní uvedení obnovené expozice Husité s doprovodným programem (komentované prohlídky nové expozice / středověká hudba Dei Gratia).

V rámci slavnostního uvedení obnovené expozice proběhne představení knihy Tábor III. Moderní doba 1781–1989

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