Exhibition “The Hussites”

Historical model of the city from the end of the 19th century.From October 2022, “The Hussites” exhibition is closed for reconstruction (the reopening anticipated for the Oct. 2023). Thank you for your understanding.

The ground floor of the original town hall offers the main museum presentation of the Hussite Museum in Tábor – a permanent exhibition dedicated to Hussitism, which was opened to the public in autumn 2010. In ten halls the story of Hussitism is told in various “voices” and images. The visitor will be guided from the roots of Hussitism to the development of historical memory of Hussitism in the 19th and 20th century.

At the beginning of the tour, an impressive film introducing the situation before the outbreak of the Hussite storms draws you into the story. The atmosphere is also evoked in other rooms, which offer the given theme – the sources of the revolution, Hussite warfare, the warlord, the search for the king, one’s own way, memory, the city, under the sign of the chalice – not only through texts, paintings and exhibits, but also through video clips, sound dioramas or animated sequences.

View of the exhibition HussitesChildren will appreciate being introduced to key concepts through comic panels. Secret drawers and doors with tasks or funny scenes in peepholes are also waiting for them in the exhibition. They can try on how a ringlet shirt fits or how to sit on a royal throne.

The Hussite exhibition is wheelchair accessible and special guide texts in Braille for the blind can be borrowed. Audio guides are available in 11 languages: english, german, dutch, french, russian, japanese, korean, hungarian, spanish, czech with a video stop in sign language for the deaf.

Handicap_nbarrier free accessible

Video invitation (Nikola Monhartová, 2017)